Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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With the smaller text came a lot more negative space around the balloons to fill. This was a strange time in the comic but I think it hews closer to the old pencil days, when it felt more comfortable drawing people tiny. It left more room for good background focus, so the environments could do their job better.

Also heyyy it's finally the Green Mon! He was an old random drawing that I felt really belonged in Kiwi Day, so once I decided Kimchi was an elemental (and what those were) I said this guy has to be one too, and vowed to insert him someday.

Just wish I was better at writing in accents. My Jamaicanish friend could have helped me out had I done this years earlier. Oh man remember Pajama Bayou in the old comic, that clumsy attempt at writing Cajun? Fff.

Normally this many familiar characters would be a cheaty coincidence, so it's good Riven explained how she goes here a lot and knows them. In fact, if I was really smrt, I'd say that the armoceros being captured led to the beegoyle infestation!

The vargator in the background is the creation of my good pal Bubble Gum, whom I miss erry day. Dunno where she went, man. Actually maybe that was a Boon drawing, my memory is fuzzy as hell. It's been a lotta years.

There's also a harpent back there. I like those. But the most fun was bringing back the weird dino-marine hybrids and adding new ones from my sketches. For their names, I think the text IS too small. I was worried the larger canvas would get me doing that cliché webcomic mistake where you put a ton of detail into a tiny area then you zoom out and it's only a tiny part of the page and you didn't realize it because digital art program...

Also it looks like I didn't give the trilobite-ankylosaur one a portmanteau name. Ankylobite, I guess!

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