Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Haha, I called it! Or rather I remembered it. That stuff about horde vs tribe. Meh. I hope stuff like that makes the commentary more fun to read. It's not at all like when you're watching a YouTube video and someone makes a mistake and you comment on it and then in the next video of that series, they notice the mistake, and you realize it's all been recorded for months.

Worked really stupidly hard on this valley here, or whatever you call an inverse plateau. It doesn't look all that great but it does the job, and I knew it'd be integral. Man, couldn't you just see goblins having pierced-nipple witchdoctors?

I also really love how Kimchi explains he isn't good at cooking and simply grew some incapacitating ingredients, then we realize why he's a bad chef. Like he doesn't think about flavor.

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