Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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More continuity yay! I had to carefully look it up to make sure I hadn't established a different origin for the golden egg-imals. I used to get my wires crossed with that one wizard who made giant animals.

Hel is sitting the way I used to sit in gym class when we had to sit on the floor. It's satisfying for some reason to put your elbows on the floor while sitting crosslegged. As dumb and convoluted as this plot is (for some reason every time the goldlords come up, my writing seems to go titswise), it is original, in-character, and ties in with a trope.

And yeah I had a spare unused name pun since Emil is even better than Emmy, so I made him her dad. He's wearing a clear version of my favorite kind of cool shades, making them like, cool safety glasses? Because he's into chemistry...

Only yeah it wasn't the armoceros' capture, this guy's been breeding beegoyles. What an asshole. I'm not the only one who wonders about ludicrously dangerous monsters in these settings, right? Like how is anything left alive when something exists that can turn anyone to stone? At least with the beegoyles there seems to be a limit on their venom supply.

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