Kiwi Day N

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I'm so happy with the neat different shots of the tyrannomalocaris that I don't care how unsatisfying its glowy-spike lightning attack is visually. I suppose I could have made it white and added a blue glowing edge. At that point you almost have to use some shading though, and the updates were already getting too slow.

You know, I would think Riven would already know Kaguya's powers... Then again it has been a while, and it's realistic to forget. We may not get full diablovellus wolf mode, but at least we got it in wolf legs mode. That's cool, that's cool. Does the missing patch on the thighs help sell the idea that part of its mass has gone into the weapons, or is that just distracting?

The blue glow on the shit in the vat was also very hard to get right. I'm not sure what I was doing wrong, but I do know that any cyan-ish glow is really hard to achieve in CMYK printing. It was so clear in my head that there needed to be super bright glowing blue goo here, and I was so excited to have it reflecting on the diablovellus' shiny surface...

And really I had to work really hard to set this up so it was a plausible peril. I had written down something about Sasha being suspended over a danger with her arms immobilized and utilizing the fact that her weapon obeys her thoughts and realizing she doesn't want to plummet into it, but it was hard to think of what WOULD save her and.. yeah. I guess by this time that's just something Kiwi Day is known for. Awkward scenes of puncturing the side of a vat to let out its contents so you can safely drop into it.

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