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This is an odd time to bring it up, but I struggled a lot with how much space to leave between the title and date and the proper comic panels. I love magical discussion crap like this. Similar topics have come up before.

I think that when I showed this to the webcomics thread, the Carrion Girls author said that gold armor wouldn't actually be impossibly heavy to wear compared to normal armor, but I mean.. it's dense as hell, right?

Well it's under 3 times as heavy as steel, so I guess it wouldn't be so heavy you couldn't MOVE. But on the other hand, gold is so soft the joints would probably lock under their own weight. Yeah! Also it's probably just a dumb idea to Midas up your armor while you're wearing it.

While we're talking about confusion though, I never established whether Hel and NeNe have actual claws or what. The old comic's art was vague enough that I just drew NeNe's hands in paw mode and it didn't seem to need to be questioned. I guess they just have long, narrow nails.

I love that gold lighting effect on Hel, I'm almost eager to do more comics just so I can play around wit lighting more, even if it takes a lotta time. And one more character arc is complete! Woohoo!

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