Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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He's just... so dang jolly. Notice how the unique lunar hybrids are made of stuff we saw, like the luna moth, the candy rabbit, and roper? I tried making Sinciput's dialogue pretty distinctive, but on a basic level he sure does talk normal for a dang alien.

So many toy collecting references here. I'm just a wannabe, I don't have the kind of cash for real collecting. Just like with comics, I read wikis and that's it. I'm jelly of franchises with their own wiki. In case anyone ever makes one for Kiwi Day, you can add the triceratypus to the list of dinoquatic hybrids.

Green Mon's leaves look kind of wet in panel 6, but they're probably supposed to be channeling energy for that cool transformation. You like that thing? As usual, it was hard to keep consistent but I really liked drawing it.

The tanks were hard to keep consistent too, but I just made some really careful model sheets and... it was good practice! Riven is, naturally, just speaking for me. I couldn't wait for someone to actually die on top of their rival. I'm not super proud of that, I think the phenomenon has aged a little poorly, but I'm super proud of my ancient memes.

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