Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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I would love to be a kaiju film choreographer, I tell you what. It's fun. Finally we get a shot of a living Europan here. It's kind of annoying how I made up these solar system aliens but then almost all of them live in lower gravity than Earth. There's four giant planets but they're all gas and/or oceans so that spoils that stuff, and I put giant quadrupeds and swimmers on those.

These guys were largely inspired by that cool Easter Island statue-head-alien from that one Gargoyles episode. Plus they get calf-mounted rocket launchers!

I hope Riven's logic makes sense here. I know I used to think a lot about how people would be able to tolerate their brains being in different things. As it is, I hate driving in normal cars because the eye height is so different. Ruins the depth of field and shit.

I worked rrrl hard when designing Sinciput so he could transform. Shit was not easy! It's still not perfect, but I hate transformers that cheat too much. And unlike Soroban's jet that one time, I was gonna draw this guy over and over. Looks like I slightly cut off the edge of his text in one word bubble, so... let's just say his speaker cut off there. Yeah.

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