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Yeah so I faked you out, but I was pretty faked out myself. The plan was for one of them to actually find a plot that led to something meaty with the Queen, but nope! T'was Gyomudo. We didn't even get to see his journey!

It's funny, I've gotten compliments intended as insults saying some of my crappy drawings in this comic look like they were traced from hentai, but Hel giving Kimchi the up n' down simulgrope is the first time anything actually was referenced from that. She makes use of having two arms, that girl.

Lotta background work here. The obvious standout is that stretch of land near Breezeland (I checked the map for some kind of open space and that worked in several good ways (you can see the graveyard where we first met Kaen!)) complete with ridgy cliffs, shore that isn't just a gentle sloped beach for once, and background erodeyrock with visible strata (how does that work, anyway? if erosion is faster than sedimentation, how does sediment get any work done?), but the cliffs they're standing on also had a lot more work than usual put in. I finally pieced together that shading is really necessary for backgrounds, even low-budget TV cartoons do at least a LITTLE.

Having creepy fucked up holes in the earth was one of those bits of inspiration that I wanted to use super badly. There was inspiration from these crazy bee-filled caves from somewhere or other, as well as those coal mines that just start being perpetually on fire, and just sudden sinkholes in general.

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