Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Couldn't let Ryou appear again without having him spout some asshattery. He didn't get enough of a chance last time, and they were in costume so he couldn't comment on their new regular shit. It's surprisingly difficult to draw a helmet being pushed down on a head when you're already unpleasantly inconsistent about what height to draw it at relative to the facial features, and when it has flipped-up lenses on the front.

Ryou's glowy sword effect didn't seem to work quite as well out here despite the less-oversaturated-than-usual colors, but that kind of makes sense... It's out in daylight! Yeah. I think Sasha's bumcheeks probably should have been visible in that falling shot, but man, I don't have practice there, and blank Barbie crotch zones don't help.

I really do love when people accidentally yank others down with them in the process of trying to stop their fall, though, don't you? One of the best ones ever was that excellent King of the Hill episodes, the scene where they accidentally pants a corpse in a pallbearing accident. That one seguéd so slowly into stoogery that when that familiar variant of Three Blind Mice came up at the end, it was such an "oh God, of course!" moment.

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