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I always go into drawing-a-pile with such optimism. "It'll be easy" I think. I try sketching it out, and realize the parts are hard to keep track of in this mode. Then somewhere along the line, I realize I've made the pile far too large, because people's bodies kinda fit together pretty well into a compact lump.

Anyway yayy Arachne! Her weird apron-pants are based on the excellent fancomic Earthfield did, when he randomly chose Arachne to include (along with the Higgs Bison). Apparently those are kind of a thing, like a variation on hakama. I just think they look super neat, and she needed an updated look just like the other returning villains.

Those look like really comfortable sheepskin boots or something, man. I just.. love rhymes so much. But they have to be unusual words. How often does a hackney cab come up? Man Rakshasa has such subtle emotional growth here, you see that? She's got legit reason to be worried this time; Ryou is a bad boss.

Oak having an aviary full of falcons by this point is an idea that had been waiting the whole comic to come up, ever since Horus died, so I'm glad I had time to sneak it in. Not sure about it being apparently just a wire cage...

For that matter, not sure if all this voxel-ass shit goes beyond Pud Edna's preferred styles. She explicitly expressed disdain for voxels. Now obviously that's what her 3D pixel weapons were the whole time, but... they weren't more than one pixel thick before.

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