Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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People always forget about clown powers. Man, remember those passive-aggressive notes from writing teachers? What an unfulfilling life they lead. I had always wanted a zombigantopithecus to come around, even if at this point that's not the most imposing ape they've faced, nor the biggest zombie. Kinda blew that load early with the zombonnacon.

I'm not the only one who finds hares really disturbing, am I? If you had leporiphobia, it'd be your total nightmare. I even drew them with creepy realistic eyes. It's nice Hel gets to do something Sasha did for Kimchi before, like it's her job now.

I wish I could be as proud of that badass hermit crab wearing a sea dragon skull, but I'm remembering now that's a thing from Monster Hunter, and I think I just had a memory dangling around in the back of my brain from reading the wiki. Or maybe it was a suggestion from the webcomics thread? Anyway it looks cool.

I feel like the term "monster" for "a really particularly cruel and evil person" would not be around in a world where monsters are just some people. Meh. Translation convention.

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