Kiwi Day N

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There is exactly none damn jaw meats left on that zombigantopithecus. Judging by the foot (think it's a foot) under Sasha's foot, I think I drew it as a left first, then realized it had to be a right and hastily added a thumb.

I would love it if people started saying 10-404 to agree about the inability to locate something. That's a legacy I can be proud of. I hope that the sight of a hermit crab devouring a human is as funny to most people as it is to me, with my somewhat higher than usual knowledge of arthropod biology. I should ask RL Ivy Palm.

Man I wonder if Arachne has pointy ears. Seems like a jyourougumo ought to. I've actually heard sometimes tsuchigumo do, which does NOT make sense and/or means I should rethink what I consider them to be... but I haven't seen solid sources for that. 'Kipedia has fucked with me before, with that supposed idea that there's a human-jellyfish hybrid creature called "Ri" in Japanese mythology. Not that I suppose that citation-needed bulldonk or most of their policies. Fuck that wiki.

It was a little awkward here but I had to establish non-visually that the holes from before are growing and let the characters find out about that, because otherwise there isn't any urgency. It's always nice to point out that people have irrational protectiveness towards corpses. Isn't that weird?

Yeah I don't know if anyone even noticed, but I just cheated on Rakshasa's hair, and I don't usually do that. I would not be even a little shocked if someone as insecure as her buys magic hair gel. I actually own that beach ball, weirdly enough.

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