Kiwi Day N

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You've got to EASE your way into one more grand appearance by good ol' Lobster by having Hel rattle off some more bits of location-based continuity. It's so satisfying when Robin says subtly clever things that show her brain is really active on some frequency.

Again this had been sitting around for ages: a major arthropod character and Kaen having a bug-summoning flute, it just had to happen. Can anyone explain why Riven looks so cool in panel 7? Something about her legs, hoo doggy. Hoo. Doggy. Looks like a cool action figure ready to kick ass, or like a really well-drawn fan-designed pokémon.

I had also wanted to explore all of Lobster's transformations at one point, but really... after he spent a whole arc as everyone's boat in the old comic by simply growing huge, what could be more proper than doing that again?

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