Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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This comic came NINE DAYS after the last one, and that's the best water I could draw? Yeesh. Clearly the pits took up all of my time. Good pits though! Good subtle Atari ET gag. Every videogamey comic needs to reference the original infamous game disaster. I never even picked up before on the poetic perfection of how those games were all about going into holes, and then all the carts were buried in a big hole.

I hate regular M&Ms. I'm not alone there, right? I mean I won't throw them in the garbage or anything, but small pieces of chocolate should be a joy, and they are not. The variants are good, but that's even more of an insult to the standard ones.

Also yeahhhh I told myself if I ever hit 1000 I had to do this for the tagline. The old comic, back on its original Tripod site, had hover text specially themed for every number, and since it went up to 999, that was a lot of them to come up with (sadly lots of those are lost now). Usually did it on the fly each day as I updated.

I specifically didn't do that at the bottom of Kiwi Day N episodes because nobody but me giggles at number jokes, but... every so often, eh. I kinda had to. And this one was significant. Not only were there now more Ns than original Kiwi Days (though obviously the panel count has nearly always been double or more) but the plot had officially gone off the rails and lasted longer than I intended, which.. Y'know, to me that's special. Fuck the rails, right?

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