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No really, you guys don't know how much fun it was drawing Gyomudo fight poses. Hard to say why. Got rid of the turban here, was sick of drawing it. Couldn't get it right anyway. Probably would have looked better had I just given in and copied Piccolo's.

Neat to see Ryou going all out for once too. I'm just now realizing he's quipping more because he's scared. Are the little interspersed scenes of the party searching for them working for you? I think I got that extra-right.

I feel like that second-BLAM thing is a joke you can only do in comic form. I'm comforted in knowing I'm not the only idiot to think the two barrels on a Spetsnaz-type shotgun are actually two barrels. You'd think my Super Soaker would have helped me understand better.

I did know better by the time I designed Gyomudo, but I decided to run with it because that's just cool. Then I realized I hadn't properly used both at once yet, or both in a row.. I don't think anyway. I'm just now realizing there's no cocking lever on the thing, that was an oversight. Dramatic shotgun-cocking is important and I never did it!!

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