Kiwi Day N

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Why is it so damn kawaii when ditzy characters pretend to be planes? Speaking of gratuitous Nihongo, I did find in the process of keeping continuity straight that I had a bunch of really stupid-sounding move names in the history of this comic.

It's odd because I also used to be able to spout really good and genuine Engrish on command, and I've somehow lost that. Also I feel like I used to be able to draw good armor on command without a reference. Maybe in both cases I'm just wrongly remembering that I was great?

Gyomudo's arms look fucking weird from the rear. From here on, I start including lots and lots of lighting and shadowing in every page. Less at first, but increasingly a lot, and yeahh it was a pain. A few things were extra important for visual storytelling though, like all those glowy patches on the ground and the glowy holes in the walls.

I remember sketching out the big crazy hellmouth at a drawing meetup (the previous Boreas Heights landscapes, too, but with less actual useful success). It's so hard sometimes when you know exactly what it should look like in your head, and that is so alien and weird that you have no idea how to start.

It's not perfect, but it's alright. The major inspiration, I think, was the description of the portal to the Negative Zone in this one Spider-Man/Fantastic Four crossover novel I have. Everything being impossible geometrically and spectrally... just... a lotta crazy shit.

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