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Another problem of comics, you have to point out what a voice is supposed to sound like. Even regular Sken are supposed to have voiceless hissy voices. I think I came up with a name for her when I tried drawing her from memory at the aforementioned drawing meetup (amazingly, was able to do so successfully. Drew her shooting some hoops.) and someone asked her name, and I realized I hadn't thought of one.

There are holes in that story, but parts of it definitely happened. I mean I definitely didn't come up with the name on the spot, that's for sure. But I do think I had it written down in my list of neat names to use. Plus it's just funny that it means Empress Highway.

Given all the periods used for comedic timing in Mizu's second set of lines in this episode, it's amazing I kinda missed one before 'my name' in panel 5, so that that becomes a more logical sentence fragment rather than caveman talk.

Not gonna go put it back, though. It's fine. Not gonna fix that weird red line in Ryou's word bubble either, just going to endlessly wonder how the fuck that happened. But this page took 8 days to come out, so bleh. As it is, you can tell I just sort of stopped when the strip got too long.

Actually naw I'm gonna fix both of those. But I'm leaving the commentary in as a reminder! Oh dang, it turns out there was a period there, it was just too tiny to see. WELL! See the thing about Autostrada's text is that I tried making it really tall and narrow so it would look like a spooky title font or something, but I wasn't consistent about that at all and it was a little awkward (like do I make it taller or narrower than normal?). See this is good, I would have forgotten to mention that otherwise.

Weird stone things with colored runes all over them were the first thing I knew this portal had to have, swirling colored flames were the second. The latter, I hope, sell the idea of her re-weaving the magic. That's the kind of fucked-up power this witch has. I hope the horror of the plan has the proper impact.

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