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That whoops was 100% honest my-bad-ery. Me very much a-culpa. Bad nonsensical grammar attack moves are one thing, but calling her bell a crystal is a mar that will sit on this comic forever. And that little admission sadly had to come at the expense of deflating Hel's wonderful determination moment.

I also legitimately did not notice or remember how I'd worked out the weird forehead-mark royalty rules in my thing, but going over them I did realize they were consistent. It reminds me a lot of Wario and Waluigi, and how the latter's symbol is an L flipped vertically even though Wario's origin is a game with an M-bucket that would flip upside-down creating a W. Like they didn't keep that logic consistent... but if they had, Waluigi would have a 7 on his head.

Also finally we get to see a normal Sken just because if you're going to introduce a mutated or otherwise unique version of something as the first representation of that thing in a story, you're just asking for very confused fans if you don't make that very clear.

Of course executives over the last couple decades have gotten way too into the habit of doing that DELIBERATELY. Like the padawans training with the exact same flight helmets instead of normal blindfolds. They're either idiots or they think the audience are.

Anyway in case Sasha's being too obtuse here, the "hime-cut" is supposed to be princess hair, but it covers the forehead, so it would cover any royalty-marks (and it's not as if I invented that concept either, not remotely). Oh and the tagline is referencing Hel's last line in panel 2, pretending it doesn't understand the implication, see.

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