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So I tried to make it gradual, but I don't know if maybe it was too subtle, the background color changes are meant to keep track of how Autostrada's fucking with the hellmouth portal thing.

Having everyone give impassioned speeches and then one character not have one is a joke I thought might be too awkward to do, but when I workshopped it with the webcomics thread, they backed up the concept.

And even moreso another version of that gag that I'm not sure if I end up using. I think not? Or if so, it's right at the end. Where someone starts out a speechy thing, tries to back out finding it too hammy, then gets pushed on by other characters to finish. It's like, meta that way.

Riven isn't just filling space there, I felt it genuinely important to point out that the two-intelligent-species-per-planet thing is not only arbitrary as heck but makes no sense given all the different ones on Earth, so... Yeah. Put it in.

In retrospect, Ryou was right to ask whether the portal still worked given how it's clearly mid-reformat. Apparently it's not going to stop being a Hell portal, it's just going to have different... movement.

I think I sketched Bromvlieg (which means blowfly by the way) at the drawing meetup too. It's weird to introduce another character at this stage, but I had a cool design and a cool name prepared, and this is just the kind of thing bad guys do, so yeah. Plus it's kind of fitting to have an annoying loud noise guy hurting Hel since she just busted out her special hearing so recently.

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