Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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I feel good about how much Autostrada's esoteric dialogue doesn't suck. I only wish I could have done more of it. Usually that kind of stuff fails and sucks out loud. The shading on her took so fucking long, but writing Ryou's rationalization took longer. A lot of this is beta writing plans.

Lip blam is a thing my sister made up. I don't recall whether I actually straight-up forgot to draw Gyomudo into the scenes, but it's quite possible. Bromvlieg sorta distracted me. I also realize now that I didn't point out when Gyomudo lost his vest and his pants got tattered again.

I was so sick of drawing the stupid cuffs and the top of his vest... Wanted to draw his cool skin details instead. But that was several pages ago, so I should probably say something about Ryou's final defeat here. Um... It was.. cool. I love when people turn around and there's a gun barrel or something in their face.

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