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As if Autostrada wasn't already giving me enough trouble to shade, now she's busting out this fire shit. The very first sketch I did of her involved her crazy witch fire, lighting up those skeletal wings into proper wings and forming at the tips of her weird little other-arms.

Speaking of those, keeping her anatomy consistent now that she's started fighting got really confusing. All those different-colored parts...

I don't think you can blame Breath of the Wild for the terribly long gaps between comics at the end, I remember restricting myself to only playing one day per released comic. You can, however, blame Kimchi's ineffective and cool spear-stabby attack.

I feel like I actually like the 'ghost-guzzler' gag better than the 'grass-guzzler' joke from all those years ago. And yeah I was pretty sick of Riven's helmet so I just let it be a casualty here. There's a real freedom to being at the end of something.

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