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The panel border can't protect you from Hell's Belle!! If you recall, the whole point of Belle Kitty going all the way back was to negate the magic of really strong bad guys. It's great that got to be used one more time, and even better that it was only temporary (though I guess she could've just kept casting it, but who does that?).

I feel like Sasha should've had enough demon hair to make more than just two medium scimitars, but I also recall being uncertain about whether it should be able to split up. Maybe she has to practice a lot before she can make bullets and shit out of it, and then maybe she'd risk running out of it? I guess density matters too.

Does anyone out there think the soul fire should have had more white to it? So it looks more bright and fiery? Speaking of effects though, that razor wire... I tried really hard to copy it from anime, but it's such a hard thing to look up.

It's just sort of a trope in anime, that thin wires are represented with somewhat interrupted lines of glowy white. It works a lot better when they're taut, I think. This looks like the shit is just floating aimlessly.

Oh and the multi-blade flamey thing around her feet was another thing from the original sketch. Man now there's clothing damage, and I gotta keep that consistent!! Again though, I felt free to do that only because it was the end. The end, man! It's coming! Ahh...

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