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Y'know, having found out about this particular debilitating cervine disorder later, I must say in retrospect that Autostrada has "sleigh hoof." The uneven nature of her legs looked so weirdly good in her first sketch, but it meant it was really tough drawing her crouching, in the few panels where I had her doing kind of a Monster Hunter "get my face down to everyone else's level" move.

Horti-vortex is such a good move, I wish I had thought of it in time for Kimchi to use it on some squishier enemies that aren't on fire. Hopefully the fact that everyone was getting clothing damage, and then Hel's costume wasn't permanently susceptible to it, comes across properly.

I would never have forgiven myself if I hadn't gotten in one more use of Hel's absolute best move. Also, nonessential my ass! That was exactly the move to use on a hard-shelled enemy.

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