Kiwi Day N

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Seriously, the explosions look almost minty fresh. Not all that dangerous. I don't know how the rules work with that spikiness ring, but evidently it understands what constitutes a suit of armor. I just really thought that would be cool, and it was! Having a separate spiky mode is something I only recall seeing in Abaranger.

I'm pretty sure when Kaen got that helmet, he flat-out said he was not going to carry it with him, so... fuckit! Kimchi's wood armor was suggested by... I wanna say Megan of Laserwing? But in-universe he clearly got the idea from the Green Mon. But of course he had to get Ghouls n' Ghosts'd. Daimakaimura'd. Really just disarmored.

Giving Sasha armor with horns was another thing i had planned for a while. People need to go rararara a lot more. All the time!

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