Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Mizuumi is too tiny in panel 2, I drew this perfect expression and I wish it was more visible. One thing I might have used once too often is when an enemy has been pestered so much they do the big ENOUGH! but I think Animaniacs and other similar shows might have gotten me into that habit.

And we get another damn body pile! This time Gyomudo's in there. And lest you think it's just his tail tacked on afterwards, look at the visible green bits in the pile! One looks like it's a miscolored part of Kaen's arm, but his elbow is bent there. This is the GOOD commentary, right? This is what you scrolled down here for.

It's amazing the kind of perfectly cromulent discussions that happen in this comic because I wanted to slip a pun in. It is rather unfortunate that this page ends on a slight continuity error. I completely forgot that Robin tried to christen the party "the Cutie Crew" as spoken by someone in the webcomics thread. I guess in their current state they all forgot too, yeah. But realistically, no.

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