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I spent so much time agonizing over how this shit would be solved. I had the important parts, but how to get there... The dumb rules were already kind of poorly-defined, but somehow I finally put it together. It covers several angles and it fits in with the established nature of how Hell works.

Come to think of it, that means anyone who dies in space is kinda fucked getting to an appropriate afterlife-zone. But at least we know the oxygen extends out really far and the gravity is clearly not natural (it's probably seeping through from the regular realm actually, now that I think of it. That earth-element mana).

We get this nice flashback to Gyomudo's decision, making it seem less like a dumb plot contrivance to give him conflict and angst, AND it gets to rip off Breath of the Wild's flashbacks! Copying direction from Zelda is like my favorite. Hinagi means Daisy by the way.

I did notice there was a continuity error though... not so much in the comic, but in my notes. I could either forget that he traveled with Green Mon and a gnome, or I could establish that Gyomudo says three when he means five sometimes. He's got the opposite of what King Arthur had in Holy Grail!

I am always hearing people saying they want to hear the prologue of stuff, but most of the time it's really not as good as you'd think. For one thing, it's a foregone conclusion so there's not much mystery. Sometimes it can be a lot of fun, though. Xenoblade 2 has me thinking maybe Tales of Symphonia's prologue would make as good a game as I used to kinda think.

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