Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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First panel touches on a few ideas I also knocked around. The real question is, if Gyomudo thought it would erase HIM from existence, would he still go along with this? My gut says maybe.

Like how we just deftly gloss over the question of how Gyomudo got to earth? I didn't feel like pulling any complicated shenanigans like with Goku's spacepod. Then again who knows? Might be important in some future iteration of the comic.

Anyway I hope nobody really thought I killed off Robin. It just.. really isn't that kind of comic. NeNe's not-death way back near the beginning should have cemented that. I did get one last chance to dress Robin up in a new outfit I didn't hate, and... Kinda fail!

It's not very distinct from her last outfit, it's weird-looking in places, the hat was hard to draw and I had just gotten rid of two inconsistently-drawn hats in the cast... But man, I was in a hurry.

I'd always wanted to dress Robin up like Belfy/Lillibit from Cheerful Dwarves of the Forest Belfy and Lilbit aka "The Lit'l Bits" which was probably my first anime. Plus I had some other cute elfy fairy outfits inspiring me, and... eh. It's fine. The colors took me ages to decide on, as I recall.

This is a long damn episode, damn. Damning long as damn. Riven's considering even more shit about how the rules of this scenario work... but that's realistic and in-character for her. She WOULD try to help you loophole your way out of something deadly.

One of the reasons I finally relented and started drawing shadows is because they really help you keep track of who is floating. Enemy selfdestructs are so cliché, I would have been ashamed of this if not for how Gyomudo turned it around on her.

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