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As if it wasn't redundant enough, this henge also has a sylph that was nearby. Really this is the place where those oughtta be, being the windy area and all. Often I draw Breezeland without a lot of clouds, as if the wind has just blown them out of the sky (wait, I think. Do I do that?), but they were necessary here so Boreas would look transparent.

I probably shouldn't have had his word bubble cover over the panel demarcation in that two-part panel of him swooping down. Meh. Having now seen the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, I'm realizing how much of Drax is in Gyomudo accidentally. I love when that happens. Not sure if he was like that in the comics or whatever.

Mizu's torn shirt was weirdly hard to keep consistent. At this point in the comic I was getting better at 3D-ness, but that was one thing that didn't seem to work. Oh, uh, Boreas was kind of planned a while back.

I wanted to think of future beaux for the remaining single ladies in the cast, and the webcomics thread for some reason didn't help me out with that. I knew Robin would be perfect for a sylph, with their breezy nature and general constitution. At the time I only had a drawing for Sasha's, though, having had a rough idea of what she'd end up with... But that's later.

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