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Gotta leave that boomstick behind. He doesn't need it anymore, and it's gonna be some kinda awesome relic for some future adventurer... Yeah. Unlike past long episodes, I think this one actually might have felt better tacked onto the previous one. I dunno, you think? It looks like I actually got back on the update-schedule trolley to some extent.

I like that Hel actually gets emotionally affected. On some level she's gotta be blaming herself, there's no way she FULLY followed the plot of how the jewels factored in and how she actually saved everyone.

Seems like Kaen's hand should be visible on Mizu's left hip in that group shot, but I think he's scritching her back or grabbing some bumcheek. I'm always happy when some serious legit humor can break up too much drammers. Did you notice? Sasha never once called him by name. Not that people use names a lot in this comic, but... Yeah.

This is still a slight anticlimax, all things considered, but I was comfortable with it. It's not a comic about watching a Martian bug alien witch thingy explode in space on her way to her corpse being magically propelled into the Sun. It's about...

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