Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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This stuff. This is what the comic's about. Happy lovey endings. Kimchi is a man who keeps his promises, even if that means jumping the gun slightly on maritals. Odd that he didn't just pull the tent up around his current location, but the crawling-inside shot was necessary.

I remember wanting to reference the comic where Hel said she'd been spying on Kimchi "scratching himself" and how that produced hella flowers growing all around, but couldn't find it for some reason. There's no logical reason it would make exactly the same flowers anyway, that's a locality thing.

And an Okami thing, kinda, now that I think of it. Don't think that was deliberate. I wanna say Kimchi re-vegetized Gagara Desert before I played Okami. I probably should have let Robin ditch that hat permanently, but fuckit. Comic's almost over.

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