Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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You have to imagine the Smash Bros Brawl theme playing as everyone important comes over the hill. That's how I envisioned it. Just all the loved ones, showing up to help, a bit too late (and somehow all at the same time? I guess they rendezvoused with the wizards).

I realized there should be some wizguys we'd never seen before, so I just threw one in. Despite this hardly being the most crowded shot ever, it still tired me out and I didn't wanna overfill it.

NeNe and Loki's new outfits come straight from MeganFantastic's fanart. She is so great at thinking up costumes, I swear. Oughtta consult her every time from now on. And look, the beige mage's loli sidekick has grown up! I forgot his name. I'll go look it up. Oh yeah, it was Ryan. Purely so I could do a pun. Not even a pun related to him. Good fucking times.

Robin's super Homestarry here, straight out of when he entered that costume contest. And her dad, of course, is eyeing this guy he just saw with her... probably thinking "better than Ryuko at least." Remember when I was kinda setting that up? Guys I'm getting memory-y here.

I wonder if anyone ever gets confused and thinks astral-projecting guys are dead. Ghosts fucking do that a lot. This final moment with Ronin I had planned ever since I decided the bad guys were working together again. He's just not the kind to actually get into trouble.

Any more than Cheeky is the type to show up on time. Also wow that flower-wave just kinda kept moving, didn't it?

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