Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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This is probably the first time the actual world was in complete and immediate danger, though we don't know how close Ratle got, really. Hard to up some antes, y'know? Robin's "What, I never said that?" reminds me that I'd been rewatching Pete & Pete sometime around when I wrote this. That one annoying guy kept saying "What, you didn't know that?" He reminds me a lot of that guy on Salute your Shorts who replaced the main guy and was never quite as good.

Everybody starts going over their life goals at this point because I was thinking hard about how they'd end up. I had planned to specifically not have the next iteration of Kiwi Day cover the next generation of these same people because that's just awkward, you don't want to do that forever, and you start ending up with main characters whose lineage is measured in sixteenths. Lookin' at you again, Xanth.

So that meant in order to be fulfilling, I had to think about their futures NOW, even if I didn't show the whole thing. You have to give people something to go on, as they inevitably write their distant-future fanfiction.

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