Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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There was one really clear image in my head of what the end of this comic should include, and that was a picnic. Gotta have a nice picnic. Probably something they should have done frequently. Does it make a lot of sense that they're having one before a wedding instead of waiting for the after-wedding food reception thing? Maybe not so much.

Everybody who got clothing damage gets a new outfit. Riven's is largely based on a mix of Toriyama JRPG designs. I really like it, but it's also not very feminine. Sasha has tried to dress for this wedding only because she has shapeshifting clothes and thus no excuse.

Mizu's new outfit is absolutely terribad and I super regret it. I wanted her to also dress up for the wedding (oddly enough this all got planned out at a time when my sister was planning hers, but unrelated) and I thought I'd try to mix in a character strongly ASSOCIATED with Trunks, so she's kinda wearing something like Chronoa the Kaioshin of Time.

But it just doesn't work. I wanted her to have pauldrons and then I thought long gloves would be dressy and those don't go together... The only good thing is I gave her the tinypony. She's keeping that thing, that's great.

When Megan did that excellent Loki and NeNe fanart that got me to redesign their outfits for their last appearance, they were also drawn with their wedding masks, which is extra darling, and coincidentally fit in nicely with my plans I'd had for ages, to have them suggest their old wedding outfits.

Naturally Hel and Kimchi aren't having it. Those outfits were just kinda pushed on Loki and NeNe by that weird conqueror guy that showed up for THEIR wedding, which was meta as shit because the guy he was based on kinda pushed a lastminute cameo on me. But hey, continuity.

This is a weird part in the comic where suddenly proportions get to the point that you just about can't call them chibi. Mainly it's just heads being too small sometimes. It continues til the end, and it still feels weird to me. I think the art kind of peaked just before this.

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