Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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It wouldn't be a Kiwi Day wedding without some unexpected person performing the ceremony! This is the first thing I decided Green Mon would be responsible for when I planned to put him in the comic and started foreshadowing, and it's the last thing he gets to do.

I don't think I based Kaen's new outfit on anything in particular. It's not the most suited to his usual styles, but at the very least I wanted him to have a nice holster for his flute, even if this is non-combat clothing. It's a good idea, but in practice it looks pretty awkward in most shots and would have no matter where I put it. Just an awkward thing to carry.

Ever so many puns thrown in at the end that I'd been waiting to use, I'm glad I got in as many as I could, but I knew there'd be quite a few left over. This comic did its best to hold onto life for a long time and continue to exist.

Couldn't not have Tamdrin appear for the wedding she's responsible for. I tried not to repeat the mistakes of past weddings and lock myself into a big assy time drawing people sitting in pews, man. They're definitely not seating themselves by bride and groom's side.

I think Hel pinning a dead rabbit to Kimchi as a corsage was also Megan's idea. Definitely something she would do. I thought I was so clever writing down "jewel flowers" as sorta bridging the gap between Hel's desires and what Kimchi can provide, but holy crap when I sat down to actually draw that, what the hell are jewel flowers?

Her proportions are a little bad in panel 9, too. Hands and feet too big. Just one awkwardness of slowly moving out of a chibi style. Oh well. One more callback to that flour girl joke, this time bringing it full circle.

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