Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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I recall some unhappy and vocal critics were like "WHEN IS IT OVER?" and I have to admit this comic really has a slow, lingering ending... But man, when you've been going at full tilt for a decade, you can't just slam the brakes on.

There's a lot of pileup here of old plans and things that happened since those plans. I always wanted Mizu to decide on making a sequel comic, and planned for Ribbon to declare she'd been recording it all on a thing... I actually decided that BEFORE establishing those message stones, and just barely remembered them in time to work that in. It comes off like I always planned it! Of course you have to ask why they all seemed so surprised those existed...

Ribbon's new outfit is also from fanart from Megan. Ribbon's her favorite character, so that was a no-brainer. I tried making some geometric shape panels here just like in the old days, to bookend a little. Do you remember that time Ribbon did ink-blowing? It was in April.

I think my sister toothpasted the whole bathroom once, or else I heard a story about it. It's one of those memories where you forget who did what. I know I buttered a coffee table as a babbu.

It's hard to do a nice vertical pan up into the sky in a comic that moves downward, but I just had this scene clearly in my head. A nice bookend. I hope you enjoyed it.

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