Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Ryazan has her own pony and his name is Pony Stark. This is very important and I'm glad the epilogue starts out with that. Yeah so, I wasn't done, for sure. I had to do an epilogue so we'd know how everyone ended up, because like I said, the plan isn't for the next Kiwi Day to follow the same cast again.

But we've been with them so long, almost 4 times as long as the old cast, so we HAD to know how their future ends up. And I even kinda set it up with Mizu needing to get in touch with everyone else to get their parts of the story!

It's funny because several characters just got redesigns but now I had to add 5 years on 'em and establish one last look. For Sasha, her hair finally goes full Cutey Honey and I think that looks great.

I don't know how Mizu wears her hair when she's out of the bath but I think real-Mizu liked it longer so I figured meh, that'll do. Kinda represents Trunks right out of the Room of Spirit and Time.

I didn't actually feel any ill will towards the ending of old Kiwi Day, it just seemed funny to make fun of it. Drawing a below-the-surface-of-water shot is weird. I do remember musing way back that while the old Kiwi Day could have been printed in a book, the new strips would have to be on a scroll. Can you imagine something being published like that? Man it's gotta be annoying finding your place i something like that.

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