Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Look at all those different angles I drew this tub from! Ambitious is what that is. The trade-off is you can see inconsistencies if you look, so... don't!

Hanshin was sketched back in February '17, when I realized I should decide who everyone's mate is. His name's a reference to the famous Hanshin Tigers basemball team. Oni are already often drawn really tigery and wear tiger skins, so I decided to go with that. Who else is more appropriate for Sasha?

I had her having a brief fling with an even bigger oni if you recall. It's odd how the less chibi the art style gets, the less plausible that seems and the more I feel obligated to take that down a notch.

So yeah I should talk about Mizu's son. Exion is a reference to more old roleplay stuff just like Ryazan. That character had the same hair and eye colors too so it really worked out. Totally different personality, but I felt like this is the kind of son Kaen would have. Glasses and all.

These epilogue comics really have varying art, this page looks great I think. The previous one not so much. It's weird. The wolf babies are inspired by that fantastic anime Wolf Children which you should go watch. It is the best. Really had to tweak their colors a lot before I was satisfied.

I had a lot of trouble figuring out what the timeline should be here for what order Sasha tells things in. It has been 5 years so the babies should be had already, but it seems like she should have led with that, and it would have been polite to ask about Exion if she hasn't seen him. I think she has, but only as a baby. She hasn't been away THAT long, reasonably... right? I dunno.

So I felt really funny about this comic clearly ending on a not-round number. I felt like pulling the old comic-number-riffing out of the cobwebs for just that purpose, even though this isn't even the last one. Thing is only people who read the old comic on the old Tripod site would really remember that. It was the alt text.

There's a lot of pseudo-referencing here in the dialogue in a way that I hope just sets a mood since it's too obscure and in-my-head to seem like a quote. Sasha describing how her babbys got made is straight out of Littlest Mandingo (I forget what she's calling herself now) saying how she had Dipper.

If you don't know Maggie and Dipper that is just way the hell obscure. And Sasha's "but ONLY TWINS" in my head is like Jake the dog saying he would rescue "only the babies" in that old Adventure Time episode. Ah man. Where does the time go?

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