Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Sasha's new hairstyle is so fun to draw. Should've gone with this from the beginning. Exion's hair clearly wasn't designed to go with his glasses, though. A little awkward. I love how Ryazan is choosing not to get all participatey. That's such an 8 year old thing to do. 'I'm just going to sit over here reading my Happy Sally comics.

Er, Silly Kitty. Happy Sally is the fictional manga within Fallen Leaf. It's bizarre that I still remember that and I haven't worked on that project in like 19 years. It's weird it took this far into the epilogue to actually cover the intended purpose of showing how everyone's doing.

That's kind of a fucking tiny cottage. Huh. Kimchi's future design was drawn almost as soon as his 11 year old self, on actual real-ass paper, before the Kiwi Day N even started. I did change a few things, mainly around his leafbeard.

The chin looks great, not 100% sure on the double-leaf sideburns. They were going to be hangy-down leaves I think, but it's hard to make those look right and that wouldn't look like it was growing out of his face.

There was a whole notepad document for future ideas, and with Hel I wasn't totally sure. Wanted to go kinda spunky and 80s urban. The important thing to take away from this is that she finally fucking filled out a bit (you can't see it super well but it was more important to draw her hugging Kimchi's arm). Love that spunky poofy ponytail, that was inspired by this catgirl character Mia I was fond of on DeviantART back in the day.

As always, I had some trouble filling the background in with junk. At least I had a theme this time, trying to show Hel's haul. It's a pretty fun life, right? Like you can imagine... If it's the right kind of forest, it's gonna have all kinds of neat shit in it. And this is some new forest, not Ivy's. Possibly the one south of the Land of Crossbreeds.

It's weird seeing the text tool used in this comic. That is also a really tiny book, but that's the size of book I guess a fairy would enjoy for lying on while reading... Those ink footprints are basically just a Hook reference. I can't imagine she ever accidentally steps in her ink.

Sasha literally just took a pee break here because there was no natural way to pause the recap otherwise.

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