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The thing about a constantly-swept-back cooly-cooly-cool hairstyle like Sasha's is that it's really hard to show it being blown back by wind as she leaps forward. I had several future outfits in mind for Robin, taking into account sketches and also fanart people had done, and with this fairy godmother act, I was able to use two, AND two hairstyles!

Of course, when Robin says she forgot to write 'Dear Aunt Mizu' I mean -I- forgot. Some things never change. Did you notice the different colored outlines for the... what do you call this? It's not a flashback or flashforward, it's the present or sort of immediate past based on Mizu recounting everyone's lives.

The puberty fairy joke is something I came up with independently of that fantastic show Big Mouth, but not BEFORE that show. I hope it was before I watched it, otherwise that really doesn't hold water.

At some point I realized I intended for Boreas to be the king or prince of the sylves and I had not remotely established that. Got a good Robin gag out of it, so hooray! Exion is just hiding under his mom's hair and that is adorable.

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