Kiwi Day N

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Got lazy and realized these hairstyles don't look great from above anyway. Sad thing is the balls didn't even show up that well against the water. Had to tweak the colors a bit to make them stand out better.

Look at ol' Soroban, he's gone full Kevin Smith now. Good for him. Cal seems not to have changed much in 5 years. Riven on the other hand...

The little pokey-out-bottom-sides hair thing is something I kept going back and forth on. Her very first drawing as her parents' imagination in the old comic had them, I put them in that one time reality glitched, I always thought about putting them in, but until now it didn't quite seem right.

For her new outfit I wanted a sweater, for sure. And I wanted chaps. Those don't go together. Then somehow I made it like, sweater-chaps where it's just the arms and a collar. It's a fucking weird outfit and I miss the one she had on at the wedding, but somehow I love it anyway.

Despite attempting to plan out future mates, I never could decide on one for Riven. The only thing that felt properly in-character was to have her be lonely christmas cake. But I just couldn't do that to her! This was a fine-ass compromise.

She has connections to humans, Lerenians, and centaurs, plus she had that crush on that Kijimunaa that one time (and I have a fan who is super keen on that ship) but none of it felt definite, so this harem ended up feeling really good.

The frozen Lerenian idea came to me somewhat late in the pondering. It's kind of a reverse of what Justice League did with Supergirl. Plus look, she gave him the warmerizer! If it's not clear enough, he's looking appreciatively at her muffin top. I really did consider maybe having her build a robot boyfriend.

The half-Arbine practically deserves his own comic he's such an interesting concept. I barely touched on Arbines in this comic but yeah. His hair is from a hilarious Kids in the Hall sketch where everyone in the future celebrates Bellini Day because Paul Bellini has become their icon.

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