Look at all the awesome fanart people keep sending me!! Go ahead and send your own if you can draw worth a crap! Or even if you can't!

Saichen (who Tamasai's based on) did a nice job! This is her version of how Riven might grow up to look!
Rei (aka Mizuumi) gives us her version of how she figured Robin would look grown up :)
Ryou did some rather fetching fanart of his own character ;D Saichen drew another! This time it's hot sexy grown-up Hel! Hey, where's the KID fanart? XD
Tamdrin drew the whole cast!!! It was on teh messenger, so it are not to scale :3
Uwaaa it was drawn on paper! Tamdrin did everyone again! Tamdrin-chan drew this on messenger! What a great job! This time Mizu's sword is on the correct side X3
Rei drew Belle Kitty so cute and sparkly! Tamdrin drew her OWN character this time, and in her own style. Do your own thing!
Tamdrin drew more awesome fanart.. I support shipping even when I don't confirm ships :) Carlos Rioja aka Gurrupurru drew this, it perfectly captures Mizuumi! Make sure to check out The Artist and the Muse in the links page.
FF7Ivan drew such a cute Mizu!!! She's looking downright spunky. And then he did this excellent Robin! I find that outfit hard to draw but he nailed it!
GoombaJoe did a charming fanart of Riven! I got to watch this get drawn in a streaming video! Eligecos (that's his name on DeviantArt too) randomly sketched this Hel for me! Thanks guy!
Look at her go! GoombaJoe did another great one! FF7Ivan drew me another one! Sasha's having a hot time in the buff
FF7Ivan drew another Mizu. She's looking cute and shy! FF7Ivan has decided he's a crawgator, and drew everyone naked!
Gurrupurru did another nice one! I think Sasha is in Borscht Land. It looks purply and nice Saichen came back and drew Hel again, this time in Belle Kitty mode! Wooo!
Nene did me some more fanart after so many years! Look at that hot Sasha goodness! She's going by Pepperoni Sue now. Best handle. Hee, she even has cute little shoes. Lady-of-Link did awesome fanart of Mizu!! I was awaiting it. Mmm gotta use those wristbands..
PrussianMoose, artist of Great Captain Maggie totally drew me the cutest Riven! I drew her fanart first. Tit for tat is the best tat. The Dewd totally did me some fanart! Check out his comic West Tree Academy for saucy cuteness just like this.
Lulu VanHoagland (who draws Jim the Grumpy Elf) did this great Kimchi! Dat linework. Lulu-chan drew me another one! Look how cute Robin looks in her style! Eee.
Lulu drew me four pretty Rivens! Three chibi and one regular styles.. oh lawd look at all those pretty pretty outfits!!!
Eeee PrussianMoose did me another fanart and this time it's a boobly Sasha. She's looking fine, not to mention including the Diablopilo and wolf legs mode was a great touch PrussianMoose did another awesome Sasha, this time in hot pinup form Sir-Grimmington drew me this powerfully handsome Kimchi
The fantastic Space Pirate drew me this really muscly and awesome Mizuumi. I love that baldrick. Grim drew me another one! Look how cute Hel is!! Odd drew me a totally adorable Fenrir! I can't take it! Beetus.
Someone called A_A drew me a cute picture of Hel based on a drawing I did. She looks like a devil! How appropes. The fantastic Scrublord, author of Bug Quest, drew me a very feisty Hel This cool guy known as 595158825 who draws Carrion Girls (go read it) did this fantastic piece, depicting the royal couple in more realistic style. So domesticute!
Space Pirate drew me another fantastic piece, just look at that claw kick!! AmonZone did this fantastic picure of Kaen. It's meant to be a 're-imagining' but it's pretty close to canon!
Aaaah Prussian Moose made me another! Fanart of one-shot NPCs is extra special. Lulu-chan drew me another Robin! She's incredibly cute I just want to hug her cheeks. Earthfield did this gorgeous Sasha, mixing new hair with old outfit! So spunky!
Ryazan got her first fanart! The lovely and talented Swallow really did a great job here. Whoa, my first piece of anonymous fanart! (That I know of...)  This is action-tastic! PrussianMoose did this adorable Hel! She's looking pleased.
Earthfield did another one. I love it when obscure characters like Arachne get fanart!!! A guy called Character Limit drew me this great Riven. It's based on her model sheet so she has two wrenches! Twice the wrench, half the calories! Earthfield drew another obscure character, this time it's the actual norse GODDESS Hel as depicted in Khepmut's thought bubble. Click to see it more clearly. This one NEEDS to be seen
Finally some fanart of Uzi (then again you can never be sure the other Mizu pics aren't...) By the fantastic Teagreen (of Preteen Demon)! Lookin' so sassy. The fantastic Von drew me some incredible fanart of Hel! I wanna touch her hair. PoodleDooples, who draws Star Valley, made me a super cute and very retro Riven!! Maybe I need to just give her another wrench.
Petarvee, artist of The Sisters, did this awesome picture of Mizu-dressed-as-Uzi from that time when that happened! I love her ponytail so much! You're not gonna believe this one, Jamil of The Tale of Jasper Gold drew fanart OF fanart I got of NeNe in 2002! Grim drew Sasha in her Diablovellus! It's so pretty I want to cry.
this guy Bones drew me Hel, Sasha, and Mizu. Kinda interesting! Bones also drew a different-styled Sasha Laserwing's fabulous creator actually slogged through the entire old Kiwi Day and then drew these great redesigns of NeNe and Loki's new looks in N. Look, the wedding masks even!!!
The fantastic Vela (ilisvela on tumblr) did this great reinterpretation of a panel from #983. I'll be this good someday! Laserwing strikes again with this great and expressive Hel portrait!!
Laserwing person drew this really awesome Hel, wearing a more logical outfit than the one she started with. I love it so much!!! Then she drew this really neat Robin! The spats and the duckie shirt are so cute! Apparently Laserwing artist actually loves Ribbon, I had no idea anyone did! That's a really neat outfit. Butt bow!
The excellent Nessie who draws Household Slime Mold (go read it!) Did this really slinky and leggy picture of Hel! Oo la la.   Check out this great piece from BridgeFireComics guy. Those manga tones!!!
LavenderStarChild made a super cute Hel! She didn't have a light purple marker so let's just say this Hel takes more after her daddy.   Azu drew this really pretty Mizu picture with cute heart cheeks!
Sefra (artist of Oni x Fox which you should check out) sketched up this really excellent Kaen! Look at that majestic 'stache.   Bones drew me a super cute Hel with really loose clothes.
Adriel drew a very saucy Sasha here. She enjoys her own boobies, that is canon.   Azu made this amazing Riven! Look at that perspective.
MissSandy8 who draws Utsukishi Rosaura did this amazingly cute li'l Robin!!! And two bonus robins   Eli from Servant of the Succubus did a super cute Robin with cute leafy wings!
the amazing moodypresence (check out instagram and twitter) did this gorgeous Kimchi!!   Magi (of Rococo's Atelier) made this fantastic Arachne! Those simple marker spider legs work SO WELL.
Ruse, the artist of Dark Ages, drew this super cute Hel as part of a big group drawing of webcomics characters! She's super cute and really on-model!   Hey Dewd drew me another one, it's Mizu all ready for Christmas!
Omeow did this really nice Sasha showing off dat cleavage. Read his comics, they range from trippy to just regular awesome!   BenO drew his characters Ringo and Zell having a double date with Kimchi and Hel! They would totally be friends. Hel is only half-catgirl!
Ardi from A Story of Fire did this slinky, foxy Kaguya holding a translucent sheet. Aw yeah, Kaguya is underrated!   Heyy Ardi did another one! I've been finding out how popular Ribbon is lately... Whose hand do you think that is?
Second anonymous fanart! This person said Kaen seemed like a Firefly space captain! So cool   The fantastic artist of Hello Birdman did this fun crossover with everyone's favorite recurring monster, the River Zorch
More anonymous fanart, a super cute Riven!   The wonderful Lady of Link drew me this wonderful Robin, I love her wrist cuffs!!!



Also, check this out! Good ol' Earthfield did an amazing multi-part crossover! Click here and then click forward for a few pages to read it all.


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